July 2022

Central Church Newsletter July 2022 What a brilliant celebration that was for our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! We hope you all managed to celebrate in one way or another. The weather, too, behaved for the most part! Now that we are in the full flow of summer let us thank God for the beauty that is all around … [Read more…]

June 2022

Central Church Newsletter June 2022 Almost half way through the year already! Doesn’t time fly when one is having fun!! As we look forward to celebrating our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we need to give thanks to God for her life of service and dedication in the good times and the bad. She has been the one ‘constant’ in … [Read more…]

May 2022

Central Church Newsletter May 2022 As spring slowly turns into summer and we look forward to warmer and brighter days to enjoy family time and plan our holidays whether at home or abroad, let us spare a thought for those people fleeing war, famine and climate change for whom life has changed forever. May we be … [Read more…]

April 2022

Central Church Newsletter April 2022 After a few worrying days the 25th of February brought us much joy as we became grandparents for the first time to Ines Cleo, born to our daughter Kirsty and her partner Joao. Ines is tiny but perfectly formed and we give thanks to God for her safe arrival. We never thought … [Read more…]

March 2022

Central Church Newsletter March 2022 Spring is in the air! Oh! what a feeling we all get with the onset of spring. Beautiful daffodils and tulips bring much needed colour after the drab winter months and as the evenings get lighter, we can all look forward to more time in the garden. Trees sprout new buds and … [Read more…]

February 2022

Central Church Newsletter February 2022 February is normally a dismal time of year. Christmas and new year are behind us and spring is over a month away! However, we must look forward to the year ahead with optimism as we have no idea what lies ahead for any of us. All we can hope for, is that those … [Read more…]

January 2022

Central Church Newsletter January 2022 2022 already! We hope you were all able to enjoy a family Christmas celebration and also stay safe and virus free. Who would have thought that we would still be in the same situation we were almost two years ago! As we embark on a new year which will no doubt bring … [Read more…]

December 2021

Central Church Newsletter December 2021 The Holy Season will soon be upon us and no doubt for some, the commercial side of Christmas will take precedence over the real reason why we celebrate Christmas and Christ’s birth. If we have learnt anything over these last two years it is to value those nearest and dearest to … [Read more…]

November 2021

Central Church Newsletter November 2021 It’s been unseasonably warm for the time of year and most of us have been taking advantage of the mild weather to still go out and about before the nights draw in. Autumn is a beautiful season and there are many places close to home to enjoy the riot of colour … [Read more…]

October 2021

Central Church Newsletter October 2021 “October already!” we can hear a lot of people exclaim. Where has the year gone? The older one gets, the more quickly the years seem to pass, but the one thing we ‘Seniors’ can be grateful for is the opportunity to grow old when a lot of others are not … [Read more…]